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Meet our Champions 

Join Mikey Pinder on a tour around our city to meet some of our outstanding Autism Champions.

Who’s behind our project

Robin Bush

Chief Executive of Autism Together

“We’re incredibly ambitious for Liverpool. What we’re seeking to do isn’t easy and won’t happen overnight. We’re currently working with colleagues in the autism community to develop a nationwide set of criteria to define what we mean by an autism friendly city.”

“At the very least, we believe an autism friendly city should enable those with autism to confidently access community infrastructure such as shopping centres, tourist attractions and public transport.”

Julie Simpson

Founder of Autism Adventures and a driving force behind the Liverpool campaign

“The reason I want to do something is I want my son Joe, who is 12, to have somewhere to play, eat or shop. I have had everything said by people over the years about Joe.  Someone told me once that he needed a good smack. The only way to change people’s perception is by educating them and raising awareness of the condition.

“It’s so rewarding seeing business being open to the concept of being autism friendly. The response has been amazing. The thing that always drives me forward to do more is the thought I won’t always be here to have Joe’s back. It’s my job as his mum to do all I can to leave a world that is ready for him. My motto is that I wouldn’t change my son for the world but I will change the world for my son.”

Autism Training and Advisory Service

Autism Training and Advisory Service

Training is provided by Autism Together’s award-winning Autism Training and Advisory Service.

Our team has trained over 40 organisations – or more than 1700 people – across our region.